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BEM VINDO and Welcome to our Changemakers Campaign page for positive social change. To contribute towards our efforts, we invite you to use the Donate buttons below. Children At Risk Foundation guarantees that all funds generated will be used to help children at risk. Donors receive e-mail confirmation of their contribution and our regular e-letter in English.
Street Child
Street Child
FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN — Everyone a Changemaker

Everyone a Changemaker

As one of their more than 3.000 Fellows in a highly effective global network of social entrepreneurs, CARF's founder, Gregory J. Smith, deeply respects Ashoka's vision of a world where Everyone is a Changemaker: a world that responds quickly and effectively to social challenges, and where each individual has the freedom, confidence and societal support to address any social problem and drive change.

Not only is Gregory privileged to be part of the Ashoka's global network of social entrepreneurs, he is also part of other creative global communities like Flickr and Facebook, where many of you visiting this page share that same privilege. With millions of regular members and millions more who visit these communities, they obviously host an incredible number of potential changemakers.

Identifying potentials is something we do all the time in our organisation, working with youth venture to pave the way for social change in their own underprivileged communities. But how does one go about releasing the hidden potential of giving in such immense global social networks like Flickr and Facebook, or any other online social network for that matter? We have often wondered what moves mountains, - what makes people feel solidarity towards, or wakes their compassion to support a solution to a given problem. For some people, being an active part of the solution means everything, whilst for others, making a modest financial contribution towards the realization and implementation of a solution is probably more realistic.

As a social entrepreneur and World of Children Humanitarian Award winner in 2014, Gregory is constantly faced with challenges to find effective solutions to protect the rights of street children and other children at risk through our organization. Respecting his own limitations, he therefore believes in a strong social network of changemakers as being the only realistic and effective solution to many of the world's social problems.

At CARF, we often need to rely on our creative ability to find quick solutions to urgent problems and preferably, ones that will not put too much strain on our annual budget. Some problems are easier than others to resolve due to our 22 years of experience as a humanitarian organisation, which has obviously given us a good amount of know-how regarding local conditions and limitations. Other situations may not have immediate answers.

Whatever the problem, almost any solution requires a minimum of funding to pull it through and the human resources to implement it, but regretfully the funds are not always as easily accessible as the solution itself. So why then, do most of us simply wait for the big catastrophes to appear before we react? Have we become so dependent on the mass media's powerful monopoly to move us? Are we still capable of practicing those small, everyday actions of solidarity towards each other, making a real difference in the lives of those touched by such actions? We at CARF like to think so...

...and that was Gregorys reason for starting this Changemakers Campaign, in the hope of discovering the hidden potential for social change through people in all walks of life and from anywhere in the world interested in doing so, helping to move these mountains together so that everyone becomes a changemaker.

Help fund a solution or be part of one through our fundraising capaign: Social Networks for Social Change!
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