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All help is welcome and makes a big difference in communities like ours
with great social vulnerability.
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To collaborate in a continuous manner, supporting the development of our children,
youth and community, you can make regular monthly contributions.
Become a ColibriSupporter and make a big difference to children living in another social reality.
In Brazil, the Children At Risk Foundation supports four different activity and prevention centres for children and young people
through its partner organisation, the Rede Cultural Beija-Flor (Hummingbird Cultural Network)
and their Hummingbird Project focusing on the prevention of at-risk children migrating to the streets.
At these centres, the children participate in artistic, cultural, educational, sporting and leisure activities in their free time.
Today the centres cater for approx. 2000 children and young people connected to the different programmes.
It is our ColibriSupporters who help us to keep these centres running through their regular, monthly contributions.
For just USD$40.00 per month, you can help us to secure a place for a child at one of our centres.
It might sound very little in your social reality, but can make a big difference for children living in their social reality.

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